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o n e . d a y . a t . a . t i m e

daily musings of me and the ones i love

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about meh-

19 year old, military brat, i've moved all over the place, i can speak japanese! ^-^ i am somewhat of an artist~ O.o
i am married to the man of my dreams, meh kitty, chris~ and he treats me like a goddess. i am also a member of the USAF-

strong personality traits-
*slight hypocondriac- omg! the newest virus, i must have it!
*skittish (won't go into haunted houses...i hate those things that go psssssssssst!)
*highly emotional (i cry a lot... movies, books, anything sad, or really happy)
*always sleepy (i am anemic)
*nature lover (that's why i'm a wiccan)

my likes: video games (final fantasy, zelda, harvest moon), music (from enya to slipknot), animals (wolves, tigers and bunnies), digital art, CG, anime (too many to name), manga, sleeping, new clothes, being warm and comfortable, sleeping-in ^-^, ice cream, anything cute!

my dislikes: rude people, devART admins, art thieves, bugs, thunderstorms, things that glow in the dark, waking up early, ex-girlfriends, stupid people, and .... much more! keh keh keh