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Feb. 16th, 2008 | 09:16 am

sorry for the severe lack of updates. that's what happens when you're taking two classes, studying for a promotion test, and have sick puppies to deal with. *sigh*

but they seem to be doing much much better now and zelda has only had ONE accident in her crate since the beginning of the month- she keeps this up and the potty training may have worked! *crosses fingers* we seem to have gotten the worms under control they get a sample analysis in a few more days yikes...

link's leg is also doing better- 'cept for today when chris was playing with him and he grabbed it and link whimpered a little. it was an accident and i'm sure he felt bad- poor little guy. he's doing a lot better than he was though. anyway- heres some of the most recent shots from my camera memory- enjoy!

oh no its bath day!

why mommy why?

infamous corgi butt wiggle!!!

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