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Jan. 25th, 2008 | 02:23 pm

getting into the groove of things now. school is good- i like my classes for a change, i'm pretty sure next semester is going to suck though- i hate math, accounting and statistics >_< i'm good at math i just don't enjoy it; probably because i'm artistic and i feel like numbers are so stiff and ridgid and there is no room for flexibility or error. not very artistic to me....

anyway- gotta finish up the invitations to my best friend's wedding after i re-install all the programs on our computer. they tell you NOT to play with registry keys for a reason people! you WILL break the computer and be forced to reformat! T__T

*sigh* oh! i'm going to a car show this weekend. a "concept" car show and i'm bringing my camera and my tripod so expect some awesome pictures of some badass cars in the near future! muwhahahahahahaha!

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